Mark Prophet quotes

Mark Prophet, The Summit Lighthouse Founder

On the Ascended Masters:

"The Ascended Masters are practitioners of Truth. And the Truth that they export into our octave is strictly for our benefit and for the benefit of humanity. But if we're going to be beneficiaries of their wisdom, we have to use it."

On the Gratitude:

"You be grateful to God and watch how you'll grow. One of the most neglected things in the is world is being grateful for what heaven gives you. You just sit and be grateful sometimes. Try sitting for five or ten minutes and just thanking God for all the blessings he's poured out on your life. Try it sometime. Watch the change in your thoughts and the vibratory quality of your mind."

On 'Don't Let The Perfect Kill The Good':

Why, I took this thing up with Jesus himself one time. I talked with the Lord about this and I asked him point-blank: "What about me? You're asking me to go out and talk about you. Now, how am I going to do that?"
And he gave me the answer I needed to hear: "If I wait for you to become perfect, you may never be able to do it, so you'd better start now." The Master said to me, "You have to have faith. You have to believe in the goodness of yourself, just as you believe in the goodness of God. You have to trust yourself."

On The Real World:

"What makes life real are not the props but the real people we know and love. When we believe in God and we believe in people because God is in them, then we have the thread of contact with the real world."