I AM Presence Chart of your Divine Self and Holy Christ Self

Chart Of Your Divine Self And Holy Christ Self

Chart of the Divine Self and Holy Christ SelfThe upper figure in the chart is your I AM Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, the individualization of God's Presence for every son and daughter of the flame.

The Divine Monad consists of the I AM Presence is surrounded by spheres of light that make up the causal body, containing man's "treasure laid up in heaven."

Mark Prophet said, "Realize that your God Presence has all the qualities of wisdom, all the qualities of compassion, all the qualities of peace, all the qualities of Christ-victory - every quality you need to make your ascension. If you will remind yourself that these qualities exist within the God flame, if you'll fix that in your mind, this human person, the mask you see that is not real, will do like old General MacArthur - it won't die, it'll just fade away."

The Holy Christ Self

Holy Christ SelfThe middle figure in the chart is the Mediator between God and man, called the Holy Christ Self or Higher Self or the Christ consciousness.

The lower figure represents you surrounded by a tube of light, which is released from the heart of your I AM Presence.

The lower figure is the soul, the nonpermanent aspect of being that is made permanent through the ritual of the ascension. The ascension is the process whereby the lower figure, having balanced his karma and fulfilled his divine plan (dharma), merges first with the Christ consciousness and then with the living Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

Threefold Flame and the Violet Flame

Soul with threefold flame surrounded by violet flameThe threefold flame within the heart is the spark of life projected from the I AM Presence through the Christ Self and anchored in the etheric planes in the heart chakra for the purpose of the soul's evolution in Matter. Also called the Christ flame, the threefold flame is the spark of man's divinity, his potential for Godhood.

In explaining the Chart of the Presence, Mark Prophet pointed out, "One of the tricks of the evil forces on this planet is what is known as intimidation. That's why you have to know who you are in relationship to God and your Beloved I AM Presence. Because they intimidate you through inferiority; they try to make you feel so small and so insignificant and so little that you figure, ‘Well, I haven't got a chance to run in this race anyway. I might as well quit before I start.’

"The Chart is the most immaculate proof of the fact that you do have a chance, because there isn't a man or a woman or a child that God created on this or any other planet who does not have this exact relationship to him. Because you are a lifestream of God, you can walk the earth as a joint-heir with Christ Jesus. This means that you stand to inherit the same Christhood, the same Sonship which Jesus had and demonstrated."

Elizabeth Clare Prophet On the Real Self:

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