Mark Prophet and the pathway of your soul

The Pathway of the Soul - Becoming God


Learning: The Spiritual Educational Component

We explore the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, acquire spiritual knowledge and understanding, and go through the gradual process of assimilation. Learning is a ongoing experience.

Living: The Practical Spirituality Component

We put into practice what is learned and apply it in daily life, circumstances, and challenges, thus gradually increasing in self-mastery.

Giving: The Component of Self-Transcendence

As we mature on the path, there is an increasing desire to give back.

This takes the form of service, both in a spiritual and a practical sense, and takes place in the context and environment of community.

Service in turn is a means by which karma is transmuted and progress can be made in the realms of true learning and living, and by which we internalize the pathway of the soul. Giving is the realm of our sacred labor.